Instrumentation Division


Compliant to all ISO / ANSI standards for Field / Bench Instrument Calibration and Installation of all types of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tubing

Our technicians have years of experience in industrial process control instrumentation, calibration and installation. We have technicians certified ISA CCST.

C&W Instrumentation has three mobile calibration labs, complete with all test equipment needed for calibration of any type of process control instruments.

Our customers enjoy Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.'s ability to provide Turn-Key E&I installations.

On a typical new construction project, C&W Instrumentation will:

Procure specified instruments
Receive and store instruments in a secure, environmentally controlled space.
Calibrate instruments to owners specifications using NIST traceable test equipment, and ISA standards.
Document all calibrations
Document transfer of instruments to other crafts for installation
Install all types of process control instruments on pre-manufactured stands or custom designed mounts.
Install all types of pneumatic control, signal, and impulse tubing.
On a typical instrument control panel, C&W Instrumentation will:

Assist in design of panel
Procure specified instruments
Calibrate instruments with NIST traceable test equipment.
Install and tube instruments as required.

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