Telecommunications Division


C&W Telecommunications offers a complete telecommunications package, from design build and installation to service work and cabling management.

Our team consists of experienced, qualified and knowledgeable personnel. We adhere to the latest EIA/TIA standards in design, installation, testing and maintenance of the high performance information systems demanded by our customers.

Our technicians are trained and certified with single and multi-mode fiber, as well as UTP cable up to Category six specifications. We will provide your company with the speed and flexibility you need to meet your customer’s demands.

Our service department provides technicians with fully stocked vehicles to allow them to quickly meet your company’s needs. Whether it is the addition of one phone, or multiple Moves, Adds, and Changes throughout an entire campus, we will provide you the most expedient solution to meet your current and future needs.

We can assist you with the management of your cabling infrastructure, whether it is new construction, remodel, or an audit of existing systems.

Contact Person - Chuck Guedri: 804-565-3913